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Thread: Become a backlink master!

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    Become a backlink master!

    Okay everyone, we all know that in order to rank in major search engines and gain traffic you need backlinks to your site. I'm here willing to offer that service to you, for the cheapest prices you will ever see!

    Here are a list of the sites that I will be putting your link in my signature on, and the amount of posts I have on that site:

    Extra Time - 6.4k
    The Hazey - 3k
    Nero Chat - 1k
    Business Advice Forum - 400
    Promotionnaire - 300
    Swapit Forum - 300
    Forum Lair - 100
    phpBB Support Forums - 100
    Net Builders - 100

    TOTAL - 11.7k - I estimate that this total increases by around 100 posts a day.

    How will using your service help me?

    Well, we all know that search engines are crucial to success of a forum or website. And in order to function, search engines need to be able to read backlinks. The more backlinks to your site you have, the higher you will appear in listings. Also, you get the chance of somebody being interested in the link and clicking on it directly. Having your site link in over eleven thousand posts and 9 different forums will promote your site a lot and gain you a lot of traffic!


    1 month listing - $10
    3 month listing - $20
    1 year listing - $40
    Permanent listing - $75

    I'm interested!

    Great, send me a PM or post here with any questions you have! If you want to buy, PM me for my PayPal address!

    Thanks everybody!
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    Which forums do you post on mostly? You aren't posting a lot on NB etc for example so..
    |Nico Lawsons

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    The Hazey - 3k - I post here around 80-90 times a day.
    Business Advice Forum - 400 - I post here around 15 times a day.
    Promotionnaire - 300 - I post here around 20-40 times a day.

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