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Thread: Bulk buyer looking for new sites

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    Bulk buyer looking for new sites

    Hi Guys,

    Im a large link buyer and always try to order in bulk.

    Im looking for lists... I generally pay $15 for PR 1-3 and always try and order in bulk... I buy serveral 1000 each month and am always looking for new people to buy from.

    I work in every niche, so its easier to just send me your entire list, with prices.

    I look foward to some good responces.

    Please PM for my email address.



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    Dear Mr. flugalbinder

    May I know your Email Id so that i will send you all details in xls sheet


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    What if i have 1-3 blogs of each niche, will you buy? Or you want like 100 blogs for one niche?

  4. Pm sent. let me know your email.

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