Ok since it is new year and everybody are happy around me, they pulled me in the sharing and buying mood, so I decided that until 31.12.2009. I will give unlimited ammount of free blogposts on my blogs...

They vary from pr 0 to pr 4.

Niches availble:

Travel, Tech, SEO, Webmasters, Internet, General, Geography, Politics, Various things, Computers, and many more categories on general types of blogs...

Only rule is that you need to provide blogpost with only one link in it.

It needs to be interesting and not generic one. Also please no duplicate content.

For examples:
- Lets say you have site about Fiat cars,
write history of Fiat and put your link in it.
- You have site about some cruel illness, write 100 words about what cause it and put source as your site.
- Write recipe for Serbian pie and put link to your recipe site

If interested you can consult me on PM to see which of my site would be compatible with yours...

This is only reserved for members of Net Builders, no matter of reputation and number of posts.