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Thread: Buying finance and health related links

  1. Buying finance and health related links

    Buying finance and health related links:

    - only in content links, not buying any links in sidebars or footer.
    - the page link will be put on must have at least pr1
    - only permanent links, not interested in monthly, or annually.

    pm with your urls and price.

  2. I'm initially interested with the health links, and for the benefit of everyone else, I'd like to ask who provides the content.

  3. what content?

  4. Erm, sorry didn't get your post the first time. Anyway, I sent you a pm for this.

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    Do you want a link or link in post which is called a blog post ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital View Post
    Do you want a link or link in post which is called a blog post ?
    Same question? Blogpost only available and yes they are permanent
    Get your own hubpage @ $10 Pm me.

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    Sent you PM with details and hope to hear from you soon.



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    Lately as I prepared a health-related site for a customer, the consumer requested me to describe why a running a blog service works best for health-related websites. I've used them almost specifically as I build websites for wellness appropriate businesses and customers who wish to discuss wellness based information, but I hadn't really put reasons into the capable. I just realized they proved helpful well.

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    I am also looking for links on health sites either on existing content or you create blog posts. Please PM with what you have.

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