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Thread: cPanel-Now

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    Site Name: cPanel-Now


    Description: The Hosting you can trust!

    Username on Board: Coelho

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    Thankies! If you want to go to the forum go here: or go to the navbar and click support ;p

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    I didn't expect you to own a Hosting Company. That is a nice website you got their. I checked it out, and it didn't seem too bad.

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    How much does it cost?

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    Here you go;

    Starter Package:

    Quota(MB): 800

    Bandwidth(MB): 900

    Max FTP Accounts: 5

    Max Email Accounts: 5

    Max Email Lists: 8

    Max Databases: 10

    Max Sub Domains: 5

    Max Parked Domains: 10

    Max Addon Domains: 5

    CN Cash Needed(monthly): 15

    Premium Package:

    Quota(MB): 1500

    Bandwidth(MB): 1600

    Max FTP Accounts: 10

    Max Email Accounts: 10

    Max Email Lists: 10

    Max Databases: 15

    Max Sub Domains: 10

    Max Parked Domains: 15

    Max Addon Domains: 10

    CN-Cash Needed(monthly): 25

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    Thanks Jake Jones. I might make the package sizes a little bigger.

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    Sure..I will contact my host and I will try to upgrade if I have enough money :/

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    Do you guys have Python?

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    [quote name="Bob"]Do you guys have Python?[/quote]

    Their a hosting company, Bob. If I misunderstood your question, please correct me. Though they are a hosting company for hosting websites as I would believe to be so.

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    Re: cPanel-Now

    link isn't working atm

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