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Thread: cycling links

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    cycling links

    I have a cycling related site (PR2) that needs a couple of good link exchanges

    Let me know if you have a site (cycling or sports or general information) where either homepage or in-content links can be added and I'll take a look.
    I can maybe give links back from different sites and different subjects, let me know what you need

    (No dropped domains, pay per post blogs, link pages etc)


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    I was actually planning to write an article tomorrow, "How to Ride a Bike," where I'm going to talk about getting started for the first time, finding an appropriate cadence, hill climbing tips, properly hydrating yourself and knowing when to stop. Care to link me to your Web site?

    I, personally, am a cyclist -- tomorrow's my rest day, so I'm hoping that I can actually get some work done! Saturday, I have 80km planned, and Sunday, 50km of uphill on a 13-15% gradient hill (up/down -- 100km total).

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