We are so tired of people complaining on not getting enough post to there site well this place is a General discussion boarded with benefits to the top 3 with the most post .


Will get 75% of there post and there link posted at the top of are bored


Will get 50% of there post and there link at the top of are bored


Will get 35% of there post

and if you have an odd number it will be rounded to the higher number.

We do have the right to decline any site for any reason but this will be most unlikely. But if someone is declined a new person will take that prize.


1st.user 1(declined)

2nd.user 2

3rd. user 3

So this will happen

1st.user 2

2nd.user 3

3rd. user 4

we will announcement who one unless the user doesn't want to be named

Are new stuff

This is going to be a competition that will run forever.

Ok i hope everyone knows what a milestone is.( if you don't its like an achievement like making 10,000 post on your forum.) Who ever get's the pre-set milestones will have a chance to win a prize. there will be a list of numbers 1-100 and will be labeled with prizes. It will be set to a 6 to 10 win ratio( 60 winners - 40 losers). There will be 1 grand prize and its going to be my fave number 13. You will win 2 numbers i will get the from and we will average them out.

85+66 =151----> 151/2=75.5

We will round it to the higher number so it would be 76

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all the prizes are hidden with in are staff vault you wont know what you get until you win

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