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Thread: DP signature.

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    Smile DP signature.


    I want to sell my DP's sig.

    $15/1.5 Months.
    $40/3.5 Months.
    $75/6.5 Months.
    $130/1 Year and 1 Month.

    If you want to buy,let me know,

    PayPal only.........



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    Quote Originally Posted by David08 View Post
    i think this is not good business. try different method. Any one can do this work.
    It actually is. Instead of you doing the work, you sort of outsource it to someone else who has a reputation already. All I see from tirth are 'selling signature links' posts though so I wouldn't buy the link here on NB, I might if the posts would be good on DP though.

    A link might be handy
    |Nico Lawsons

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