I am wanting to sell both of my sig links on Digital Point. I have the same user name there as I do here (ID : 55865)

My DP stats

  • Total Posts: 5,254
  • Posts Per Day: 4.07 (average)
  • Threads started: 89 (which puts your link on top)
  • FULL rep (2,483 points total)
  • No current infractions or warnings (I guess you'll just have to trust me)
  • Green iTrader: 4 positive (no reds!)

Top ten posting areas:
  1. ODP / DMOZ: 2,306
  2. Link Development: 676
  3. General Marketing: 341
  4. Suggestions & Feedback: 313
  5. vBulletin: 270
  6. Google: 186
  7. Forum Management: 156
  8. AdSense: 128
  9. General Chat: 125
  10. Signature Links: 102

If a specific area suits your needs I can focus in that area (assuming I know anything about it). However, a link to a directory site would likely be best, as it would be the most topical according to my previous posting history.

If you buy my signature links there, I'll toss in a link on my sig here, but I do not post all that often, but hey, it's still a perk right?

I would consider reasonable offers for my blog link and avatar as well if one is interested.

If interested please contact me with a reasonable price.