For only £1 you can get 250 dofollow blogs in YOUR niche! Or get 1000 for only £2.50. (previously £5). Moving on and upgrading my successful dofollow blog finding service (see happy reviews & iTraders left).

Fresh Dofollow any "niche" blog Finding & Very High PR .gov & .edu Link Finding Service

Previous prices where higher if you see my last post. But even still, much lower than what people normally charge for the same links. Accept those links are probably given out to other people as well. All the lists I provide are freshly sourced and are either KeywordLuv or CommentLuv enabled.

I've given out dofollow blogs on many niches now all to satisfied buyers. If you want to increase your backlinks and get an edge on your competitors in your niche dofollow blog commenting will help you alone, just as much as an article marketing campaign would. As long as you keep at it every day, you will see results and backlinks in Google. And as a result, more traffic as well.

Get your Fresh Dofollow Blogs and High PR .gov & .edu links here.

Don't think cheap means poor quality! Remember, see reviews left by happy customers. You will find people selling similar lists for much higher prices. Some people charge up to $1 a link! And .edu/.gov lists are worth their value in Gold to buyers and sellers because of their "SEO" value of course. See previous post but it's important to find blogs in the same niche as you when blog commenting. Even better when they are sorted by PR and you don't have to spend ages putting a large list together. That's where we come in.

Packages & Pricing

Niche Refined Dofollow Blog Packages

  1. 250 "niche refined" dofollow blogs £1.00
  2. 500 "niche refined" dofollow blogs £1.75
  3. 750 "niche refined" dofollow blogs £2.00
  4. 1000 "niche refined" dofollow blogs £2.50

High PR .gov & .edu Links Packages

  1. 50 .gov Links - £1
  2. 2500+ .edu Links - £1
  3. 139 PR4 Links - £1
  4. 170+ PR5 Links - £1
  5. 171 PR7 Links - £1
  6. 62 PR8 Links - £1
  7. 220+ PR6 Links - £1
  8. 16 PR9 Links - £1
  9. 250+ Dofollow Forums - £1
  10. 1000+ (mixed niche & PR) Dofollow Blogs £1
  11. 40+ Special Fast Indexing Links £1*

*Gets your site indexed fast!

High PR .gov & .edu Links Packages are all £1 each or £5 for the whole package. These High PR .gov & .edu Links are all homepage links where the PR is high. You need to create your "mark" on these site through either commenting internal posts/pages or by creating your own or own profile page etc. These sites are filtered so you can join them somehow and do this which will be indexed in Google etc. The Fast Indexing Links are great to use to boost a new sites (or old) presence on the net.

All Niche Refined blogs will either have CommentLuv or KeywordLuv enabled for you to leave your link and anchor text or are "Nofollow Free" or have Top Comment rewards. But list will be refined by your niche. Just let us know your keywords when ordering.


Payment by Paypal.
Contact me if you have any questions about ordering.

Open Paypal and send a payment to my Paypal ID along with your "keywords" to the same email address and your niche dofollow blogs will be sent to you within the hour I get the order. You may send me a PM if you wish along with your "keywords" and you can give me your site urls as this will help me to find you blogs that are good for you.

Limited Exclusivity

Unfortunately despite there being thousands of people all hungry for high PR dofollow blogs and those elusive .gov and .edu links here. I am limiting this to 100 sales only.
As great as this is that I can provide you thousands of dofollow blogs in your niche to save you time and help you rank better. And that I do blog commenting for my sites own SEO. I just don't have the time to offer it forever and I want to keep it exclusive as well until I can build a ticket ordering system into my site.

That's why I'm doing these same packages but for half the price now.
Currently awaiting first order and remember, limiting to 100 so tell your friends!

Any questions please ask.