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Thread: Forum Signatures on DP, NB & Others.

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    Check out this thread for my NB signature:

    And I'm selling my DP Signature for 10$ / month per link.. profile here: [ame]<div style="display: none;" id="ame_noshow_post_1253459688_2">
    <a href="" title="**Internal Linking (Member Profiles)" target="_blank">**Internal Linking (Member Profiles)</a>
    <div style="display: inline;" id="ame_doshow_post_1253459688_2">
    <a href="" target="_self" title="View 's Profile"></a>

    Payment via paypal, please let me know something

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by metros View Post
    Thanks guys, Looking for more.
    No response for my given offer ??


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    i am waiting for your pm plz reply me the details .


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    Heres what I can do for you!

    I own a forum posting company with sig rights to all accounts I use. I do about 1500 posts a day and my staff do thousands more.

    I can put your sig on

    dp- of course
    nb- net builders
    wdd-web develeopment discussion

    For $5 a link per month

    Or I can do this

    Put your link in sig for 2000 posts on all clients boards (200 clients=2000 posts each) and
    On Wdd for $60 a month

  6. $5 a month right now, paid in full for a year. Get it now before the price goes up when I take this effin' forum.

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    I can sell you mine for $10


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    I want to sell my signature link at DP (750+ Posts) (25+ itrade) for only 3$ / month. Pm me, if you are interested.

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    If you are interested with my signature 5$ / Month also is enough for one link
    Visit : Paste-Bin | Yahoo Tracer | Twitter Signatures
    Contact Me For PHP Works
    An cURL Expertise

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    my signature link is availble in 7$ per month.

    let me know if you are interested.
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