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SEO Ultimate Net [S.U.N.]

We offer an article submitting based back-linking blogs system.

How does it work?!
- Our users can submit an unlimited amount of articles to our system, each article with up to 4 links (of their choice), generating 1000s of back links in a moment!

Some core details:
- The network stretches over 400+ domains.
- Hosted on 400+ c class ip hosting.
- We moderate the network and keep it very clean!
- The users get 100% control over their articles/comments! (adding/editing/removing/drip feeding etc)
- We've got the most clean and advanced article submitting user interface! (Wordpress based!)

Latest news:
- 100 New blogs.
- In about a week or so we are adding High page rank section to the network.
- An ability to add your own blog to the network.

Plans for the near future.
- Number of domains will increase by 100 every month (100 blogs).
- Number of ips will increase by 100 as well, keeping a 1:1 ratio.
- We will stop expanding when we hit around 1000-1500 blogs.
- Near future features - High Page rank blogs.
- The ability to add you own blog to the network.
- Forum posts/ linkwheels
- Affiliate marketing.
- You can check our website at: seoultimatenet.com

About our system:
- once you subscribe to the network you will be able to post an an UNLIMITED number of articles to the network and comment on posts. (article's body and title must be spun). You will be able to include up to 4 links in each article and 2 links in each comment you made.

- Any content you post (articles/comments) will be 100% under your control. You can always edit/remove your contents as you see fit!

- After posting your material you will notice that in matter of 48-72 hours your article/comment/ link has been cached / indexed by google. We achieve that by having an automated system that sends the published permalinks to several private random Gmail accounts. By doing so we make sure google will index your new formed material and links (google crawl through Gmail Emails thus getting your material/links indexed).

- A combination of clean and highly maintained network, different c class ips and different domains are really a great source of backlinks to point to your website.

S.U.N. System advanced features:
- Drip feed your articles in a timely manner, you can choose how many article/comments will get publish at what ever period of time you chose.
- Choose on which domain you want your article to be published.
- Make a comment to a specific post or to the network.
- Post, edit and delete an article or a comment after they got published(not a lot of networks allows this options)
- Use nested or normal spun content.
- Export a very beautiful (yet detailed) report with every permalinks created and the option to check them with 1 click(another option not a lot of networks offer).

You can find us at: seoultimatenet . com