Hello there,
Since you're a member or visitor from the DigitalPoint/NetBuilders forum, you're probably having websites or pages related to webmaster information. If you don't, please skip this thread, this is for links to webmaster related pages only. Whether it are webmaster websites, blogs, forums, as long as it has something to do with webmaster content.

Here is the deal, I'm an active forum poster on 20 webmaster forums. I'm posting links to webmaster blogs from time to time if it helps the topic owners' question, but we're all on the web to make money right? You might be promoting your articles as much as you can, but how about this deal..

  1. You give me a link to your webmaster related website
  2. I search for the best posts and sort them into different subjects
  3. Once I see a topic that matches your post (doesn't happen daily, from time to time) I'm going to write a reply as good as I can and will also include your link with a good anchor text (whether it is Read more about TITLE here or just into my post).
  4. You get a quality backlink, probably some related traffic too and that for a very cheap price!

You might now all be wondering how many backlinks you could get, how much it costs etc. I'll list it all in the list below:

  • Backlinks per month: Variates, how bigger your website is, the bigger the chance something to it will be posted.
  • Traffic per month: Variates from the links and the post.
  • Price per link: $0,50

The cheap price is really priced to cheap, but this is because this service is still new and I need awesome reviews before going on with this.

Keep these factors in mind before ordering:

  • Lifetime links
  • Lifetime traffic
  • Cheap price
  • Posts from a reputed poster (See DigitalPoint & NetBuilders for an example)

Please make a reply or send me a PM to order this. I will than send over all the details (including the forums, PayPal information, my e-mail for contact and the contract).

Best regards,
Nico Lawsons