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    Re: Green Gateway

    I had to laugh at this website. I wasn't laughing at it badly. I mean when I visited it, I just laughed. I didn't know it was a Pokemon website, until I just read this.

    Anyway, I recommend it too.

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    Re: Green Gateway

    Your posts are going up a nice bit.

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    Re: Green Gateway

    The Usergroups are confusing.

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    Re: Green Gateway

    Your Welcome.

    So... Blue/Cyan is Administrator?

    I don't understand it because their is not Title saying which group is which. All I see for instance under your name is Mudkip.

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    Re: Green Gateway

    .... Thanks for the Feedback.

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    Re: Green Gateway

    [quote name="Hawker"]What Feedback?[/quote]

    I can rephrase that; Thanks for the Information. :P

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    Re: Green Gateway

    Nice pokemon forum I might join soon!

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    Re: Green Gateway

    If only I knew the slightest thing about Pokemon.................

    Nice forum though.

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