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Thread: - a new market to buy/sell links and posts

  1. Thumbs up - a new market to buy/sell links and posts


    I'd like to introduce you a new convenient way for link development -

    Every website owner has chance to increase the profit selling different ad units (links, articles, post links, etc.). Just setup our plugin and insert our code to your website and start earning the money

    Our commission is as low as possible - 15% only

    You may also buy links or articles on any website using our platform. Just register, create a project and start buying ad units to for your website. Hundreds of websites already in our database. Hundreds of thousands of pages are indexed and available for buying the links. You may buy temporary or permanent links

    We make payouts by request using Paypal, Webmoney, Wire Transfer. Have any questions or proposals? Just send us a message

    We pay additional 10$ for every website with sold link (your website should be active within 3 months). More sites you add, more extra money you earn!

    We add additional 20% for your first balance refill. More money you add, more money you get

    Create account and start earning and promoting your websites at

  2. Over 1 million pages are now available for buying links

    We have completed our referral program. You can find your links and statistics on the following page - GrowPosition | Login into your account

    You will get 10% of the publisher's earnings and 5% of the advertiser's spendings

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    Dear GrowPosition user!

    We are happy to announce that the number of our users reached 1,300, and there are nearly 2.3 million pages available for purchase of ad units. team would like to inform you of the following changes:

    - We have lowered the minimum amount available for withdrawal from your account up to $10.00
    - The list of categories and languages have been translated into Russian
    - We have added the option to grade the sites according to Yandex CY and the site presence in Yandex.Catalogue (for Russian users) while purchasing the links
    - We have updated the page of post link purchase. It is now much easier to select the page for post links
    - Each site now has a promo page where you can find a list of all ad places available to purchase, prices and a link to purchase the certain ad unit. Selling advertising spaces has now become more convenient. To enable or disable this feature, please visit the page of site settings (enabled by default). Promo page example: Buy ads on |


    Dear site owners, please remember to add ad unit code to the template of your site, after you install our plugin on your site. In case the purchased ad unit is not displayed on your website, we will have to cancel the transaction and debit funds from your balance.

    Also, please check the price of ads on your sites. To promote your advertising space, you can reduce its cost (many sites show the prices much higher than the average)

    You can always contact our support team and we will be glad to help you in solving any problems


  4. Hello,

    I am happy to announce that we have fixed all bugs we found during the beta-period. Now all our system is stable. We can continue attracting new advertisers and publishers and add new features

    We have added an opportunity to purchase in-text links inside of present pages. Publishers should go to the settings page and set the prices for such links and activate them

    As before, we add 20% on the first advertiser's deposit. Currently, we have about 3 millions of pages for buying links, articles, etc.

    Best regards,

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