I am buying travel, pets and books related links.

My requirements:

if you are offering blogs, make sure you have not sold any posts because I will not consider blogs that have paid blogposts.

Your blog/site cannot have more than 20 outbound links. 20 is the maximum and in case I am buying links on your blogs/sites, I will want that max obl count of 20 is always considered (never keep more than 20 links).

I will not buy just a link. I will want a short sentence within my keyword anchors.

My link will stay in homepage only

Only pagerank 3 or above are considered. I am not interested in PR2 and below. The higher the PR, the better for me.

Unique content preferred

Strong backlinks preferred

Different IP addresses only. So if you are selling links on a few different sites, make sure they are hosted on different IPs unless they are in different niches I am after.

My budget is high but I will not consider ultra high prices. You state the price and I will see if I am interested or not

Interested? PM me or shoot me email: info@hero-town.com