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Thread: 'The Instant Infoprenuer' for your NB Sig Link

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    Thumbs up 'The Instant Infoprenuer' for your NB Sig Link

    I want to trade 'The Instant Infoprenuer' video course which comes with Master Resell rights for 1 month usage of your NB sig link.
    Some details of this video course:

    Here is what you'll learn from "The Instant Infoprenuer" Video Course:

    1. Getting Started, Intro to Private Label Rights, and Tools you need.

    One the biggest problems you may run into during product creation is you don't know where to start, you have writer's block, or idea block. Or you don't have enough time and money.

    This where we will talk about how you can use Private Label Content and turn them into unique products. As I mentioned earlier, most people will take PLR products and stamp their name on it.

    This video series will reveal to you ideas that you can use to stand out of the crowd. You'll also learn the tools you need before watching the following videos.

    2. Private Label Articles

    Private Label Articles is by far the most popular type of Private Label Product out there, simply because articles are shorter, easier to create, and more widely available.

    Instead of just stamping your name on a PLR article, there many ideas that you'll learn in this video to reshaping PLR articles into different forms that will increase your product and sell value.

    3. Private Label Ebooks

    Private Label Ebooks are the next widely available type of PLR product because it is written. Since ebooks are larger, you can generally do a lot more with them when you reshape them into different product formats.

    In this video you'll learn how to do just that and much more. Once you can grasp the main concept of the ebook, you'll understand how to easily make them unique. It doesn't matter if 1000 other people have PLR to the same ebook, you'll learn how to stand out from the crowd.

    4. Private Label Audio Ebooks, Audio Articles

    In this video, we won't be going over just the basics, you'll learn many neat out of the box ideas that most people will not even think about that we'll talk about in this video. By using these ideas, you'll be ahead of the crowd.

    5. Private Label Videos

    When you get Private Label Rights to videos, most people will resell them. But what good does that do when 100's of other people are doing the same thing? It is not hard at all to rebrand videos, add audio, add and remove video clips, and more.

    You'll learn how to do that and you'll learn new ideas that'll allow you to think outside the box to reshape videos into other product forms.

    6. Private Label Software

    It doesn't matter if you have ZERO amount of knowledge on how to write software code. In this video, you'll learn how to gain access to a Private Label Source Code and take it to the next level.

    While others may resell it without even stamping their names on it the source code, you'll be learning how to add features and remove features w/o even touching the program. You'll learn tricks and tips to keeping your costs down when you hire programmers to change your software.

    You'll also learn how to keep yourself safe when you hire someone that you don't even know.

    Please reply here if you are interested in the trade and a active poster.

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    This deal seems to be a cool job, but I don't like what I'm getting in exchange for the signature link. Is it possible to exchange for other ebooks you're offering?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    This deal seems to be a cool job, but I don't like what I'm getting in exchange for the signature link. Is it possible to exchange for other ebooks you're offering?
    I have just PM you.

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