I run a link building business that involves article marketing. My website details the specifics in more detail, but I'd love to share a bit of statistics with you first to prove how much my service has helped me and my own clients.

My first pride and joy is seen here. You can read the thread and deduce that in only using my service on four content pages, I got well over 1,000 hits from Google in my first month. I now get just over 8,000 hits from Google each month for competitive terms- and on around 10 pages of content!

My second test subject doesn't use my service as much, but you will notice that with optimizing the homepage and a couple of articles, I have boosted my website's presence to an authority website with site links status.

I have many clients I would love to tell you about over PM that I will not list here for confidentiality reasons. Do please excuse the state of my web design, I am launching a new domain in June that will have all current services plus a few more.

Thanks for looking! I'd be glad to give out a $10 discount to the first person who wants to go ahead and review this at NetBuilders. (Even though I have hundreds of positive replies on my DP thread and over 500 orders completed since last year)

I offer free consultation if you aren't sure what anchors to use or how to use my system in general.