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Thread: Link Exchange Thread - Shenron

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    Lightbulb Link Exchange Thread - Shenron

    Hi all!

    I own a handful of sites that I'd love building links to, so I thought I'd start my own Link Exchange thread with my own criterias and requests, which is easier to maintain than having a bunch of different spammy threads all over.

    I'm in need of links in the following areas:

    • Cars
    • Motorcycles
    • Trucks
    • Databases
    • Celebrities
    • Pets
    • Health
    • Travel
    • Screensavers
    • Health/Nurses/Nursing

    (that's all... for now)

    How can we work out the exchange?

    1. NO URL's IN THIS THREAD PLEASE PM me with your URL(s)
    2. Incontent Links are preferred, so, if possible, I'll scan your site looking for a couple of words I'm interested in.
    3. I can do 3 way link exchanges.
    4. I don't care if you want 4 links from me and I need only 1 from you, or if you have a PR1 and I have a PR4, this is supposed to be a community and not a Link(s) selling marketplace. (imho)

    Fire ahead what you need (no sitewides, please) and I'll have a look.


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    Done some swapseh's with ya.

    P.S... Will, ya need to help me link build I Knew It.

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    I might get something for

    Let me know.
    Cabins Renta
    New & Free widget is ready !
    7 methods to create free PVAs at

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    Lemme know about your travel sites
    I am also a writer for Serpholic Media. You can find some of my articles here: Serpholic Media Blog

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    Thx a lot!

    I've PM'ed you both and added a new category:


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    Sounds good, do you have something for web hosting/themes/Internet related? I can give you pets related - 5 year old, dmoz listed, PR (if you care)
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

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