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Thread: Link Exchanges with Proxies and Proxy Lists Only

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    Link Exchanges with Proxies and Proxy Lists Only

    New proxy list blog needing link exchanges only with proxies and proxy lists.

    Your anchor text and url on the sidebar.
    My anchor text and url MUST be on your main page at the very least.

    Place my anchor text and url on your proxy/proxy list first:
    The Proxies Blog

    Once placed, pm me your anchor text and url.

    Remember, this is only for proxies and proxy lists.
    No other sites accepted.

    Thank you.

    PS...there is ONE spot for a paid listing! This is the line right over the proxy list where it says Your Proxy Advertised Here.
    That spot is $5.00 per month.
    PM me to get this spot now.

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    No proxy site or proxy list owner wants to exchange with me?

    Get good placement on the sidebar.

    To answer one question I do get often:
    I do not do 3-way link exchanges.

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