Hello there.

I am looking to get some backlinks for my MMA Pound for Pound site. Therefore, I am offering everyone a deal - put up a backlink to my site and I will put up a link to your site on my Debate Forum (in the footer of the site), found in my signature! This means that you are getting free exposure and a PR3 backlink just for linking to my site! I have a few rules though:

1. I will keep my link to you for as long as you keep the link in-tact.
2. Sites that are illegal in nature (WaReZ, Gambling, etc.) are not accepted.
3. Your site must be indexed by Google and shouldn't be spammy or violate their rules.

Simple, right? Let me know if you're interested! Just post a backlink to my site (you can find the HTML code at the bottom of this page) and then PM me (or reply here) with a link and your code. Thank you!