Have you ever mentioned somewhere in Europe in your established site?

I'm looking for quality permanent links in existing content or blogposts that refers to places in Europe, where the place name or country name can be turned into a link. Blogroll links in travel links also considered if there's not many other links and all are related to travel.

It doesn't need to be travel sites (although that's even better) but the post must refer to a place in Europe (or be able to have a sentence added that refers to a place in Europe without changing the meaning of the post).

New posts on established blogs (not blog networks) also possible.

- many places or countries in Europe are needed (especially France but many others as well)
- page must have at least PR0 (i.e. not grey bar)
- site must not be dropped etc
- site mustn't look like a 'paid links' site (ie not have 2 links with carefully chosen anchor text in every post...)

Anything suitable just send the url and permanent price