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Thread: Looking to buy links

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    Looking to buy links

    I have many sites and I am really interested in buying links for them, my sites are related to health care / online gaming / financial services and other niche specific areas, I also have sites in multiple languages and interested in getting link both from English pages and other languages as well.

    Please PM me or E-mail me if you want to sell.



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    do you mean ads? if so, you can advertise on my website (gaming related)
    check it out and let me know if you're interested

    stats page: Top Private Servers - Overall Stats
    I'll make a page with all info about advertisements and stuff

  3. tell your site requirements..
    also, why you said FREE in thread title?

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    No, I'm looking for links to buy

  5. just sent you my offer
    do give me a reply asap

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