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Thread: Looking for a few links

  1. Looking for a few links

    I'm seeking a few directly related links in the niche's of

    • Computer Repair
    • Photography
    • Video Games (Nintendo Related Sites Preferred)

    If your site isn't listed in Google/Yahoo or Bing for the content that is currently appearing there to me don't waste your time

    If your site gives out links to tons of trashy garbage sites, save your time also.

    If you place links with nofollow or on link/resource pages, again save your time.

    If you think you've built a quality, SE friendly domain, by all means contact me with a price for links and where they will be placed.
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    I have games related blog so do you consider blog post or blogroll links there ?


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    I Have a laptops site would that interest you

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    I have some technical blogs, check out in my signature link...

    Hope they can work for you.

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