Hello guys!

My friend wants to buy chess links in a monthly or yearly basis. Your site should be:

1. Strictly chess only; either blog or website (no other niches even sports)
2. At least PR3 (if below PR3 except sites with "n/a" PR, we'll discuss it further)
3. Allow text links
4. Alexa Rank must be <1,000,000

Please PM me the following:

Name of Site:
Page Rank:
Alexa Rank:
Monthly Page Impressions:
Monthly Unique Visitors:
Number of Pages:
Do-Follow or No-Follow: (just answer with do-follow or no-follow)
Contact E-mail:
Paypal E-mail:
Packages/Prices: (state if your price is monthly or yearly)

My friend's budget for this should be $100 to $200 I think. Just PM me immediately, as we need it as soon as we can.