Most of you saw the ad from 'How I retired at 16 (Aquarezz ad)' passing by a lot, no? Well I saw it dozens of times already.

Since my weblog isn't that active yet, as I don't have much time to write blog posts I'm going to sell this spot.

I'm second best top poster over here, so that means my ad is viewed the most overall (After Will -- But I haven't seen his ad yet except if it's the seobook one).

NetBuilders receives thousands of pageviews per month, so advertising there is really worth it as people will see the advertisement a lot.

1 Week: 20$
2 Weeks: 35$
1 Month: 60$
3 Months: 150$
Payment via PayPal balance only, no creditcard payments accepted/refunded.

Please let me know something via PM or reply. Currently I'm advertising with this ad: Hostgator Hosting is the best hosting!

Refresh this page a few times, and I'm sure it will pass by a lot