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Thread: One Person Only

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    One Person Only

    This will come to a quick end!
    Whether I get the one person to advertise or not!
    It will end at 8pm my time tomorrow evening!
    So if no one wants, this super advertising deal will end and that is it!

    Only for one person!
    Your anchor text and url on the sidebars of 9 blogs.
    For the rest of this year!
    One time cost is just:

    This is LESS than one cent per day, per blog!
    Heck of a deal for one person!

    PM me now for the 9 blogs, my paypal, etc.

    Again, only for ONE person!

    So rush on this one....

    Man, I really believe that NO ONE on this forum likes to advertise!
    This is a giveaway deal and not one PM from anyone!!!!
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  2. Hi, I'm interested, please send me your blog list via PM.

    Thank you!

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    PM me now for the 9 blogs, my paypal, etc.

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    This offer is over now!

    If anyone else wants this, the new cost is:

    PM me soon.

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    Kindly send me details of your 9 blogs.


  6. Please PM me the links of your 9 blogs....

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    PM URLs please
    500 permanent & relevant social bookmarking links for $75. 1000 article submission for $86

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