Hey guys. Offer valid for a few days. Posted exclucively for NetBuilders Members. I wont be selling more than 3 links per site but don't worry, I have plenty to go around.

I may refuse to sell you a link/post if my gut tells me to, so please don't take offence or question my decision, it's not personal.

Site Niches Include:
Health-Fitness/Fashion/Photography/Web Design/Auto Industry/Chemical Products/SEO/Fuel Industry/Logo Design/Blogger Themes/Site Reviews/CSS

Most of these sites are active. Some high traffic domains.

PR2 - Site Wide Link - 5$/month
PR2 - 125x125 banner (sitewide) - 10$/month

PR3 - Front Page Link - 10$/month
PR3 - Site Wide Link - 15$/month
PR3 - 125x125 banner (sitewide) - 15$/month
PR3 - Blog Post - 25$ (content provided by buyer)

PR4 - Front Page Link - 20$/month
PR4 - Site Wide Link - 25$/month
PR4 - 125x125 banner - 30$/month

PR5 - Front Page Link - 30$/month
PR5 - Site Wide Link - 35$/month
PR5 - 125x125 banner - 40$/month

PR6 - Authority News Post (17 words+backlink with anchor text of choice)- 10$ - lasts on front page for 3-5days. (HIGH TRAFFIC)(css gallery)

PR7 - Front Page Link - 50$/month
PR7 - Site Wide Link - 55$/month
PR7 - 125x125 banner - 60$/month
PR7 - Blog Post - 40$ (content provided by buyer)

Post any questions you have.

PM me only if you want to buy, I will not be answering any questions VIA PM. Thanks for understanding.

Prices fixed.