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Thread: PR3,PR4 Blog Post Advertisement

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    PR3,PR4 Blog Post Advertisement

    I want advertisement inside your blog posts. Your blog Home Page must be PR3+

    Only Education, Technology, Computer,IT, Jobs Related Blogs.

    Procedure: Send me Your Blog URL with PR and Blog Age. I'll select post and you have to add my short Para with 3-4 links on the top of selected Post.

    Your blog Must not be made to sell blog posts only.

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    Looking for more. Please do not PM me if you have

    Dropped Domains.
    Blogspot or Free Blogs
    Blogs made only for selling blog pots ( I will track those )
    Blogs with Duplicate Content
    Blogs not update on regular basis


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    send me pm with urls to evaluate

    Quote Originally Posted by deluxdon View Post
    How much you'll pay for this btw ?


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