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    Proxy Owners Only -

    Paid advertising for your proxy site is now available on the Proxies Blog.
    There are over 230 proxies listed now on the blog with more added daily.
    Yes, it is free to submit your proxy.
    But only 25 are shown randomly on the blog. Each visitor and page refresh shows a different list of proxies.

    The Proxies Blog (you got to PM me for the blog)
    Would you like your proxy shown on top of the list?
    See the Premium Proxy that is there now?

    $9.99 for the rest of 2011!

    PM me soon if you want to purchase advertising for your proxy site.

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    Sweetening the pot here.
    If no one takes this advertising, then it is over.

    $12.99 for the rest of 2011...
    But on two proxy list sites!
    One is the blog: Proxies Blog
    The other is: Newest Proxies

    Yes, you have to PM for the url's.

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