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Thread: REAL edu backliks - PR0 to PR5 - no spam

  1. Cool REAL edu backliks - PR0 to PR5 - no spam

    The title says it all. We have the real thing. Seriously. You won't find it anywhere else. Real results from just a link or two. Seriously.

    First post here to NB, so will cut a deal...

    Here are the regular prices...
    go to edulinksnow DOT com --> click on Programs & Pricing --> Click on PageRank edu links

    Will do $300 for a PR3 .edu link.

    Of course you'll want to know exactly where that link is. And of course, because we are contracted link brokers, we don't disclose that until after the purchase. BUT...your link will be on pages exactly like this...

    PR5 - Columbia University Amateur Radio Club
    PR4 - Auburn University - Student Government Association
    PR3 - SIFE Student Organization at The University of Michigan - Dearborn
    PR2 - Husker Cycling

    Your link will be on of less than 10 outbound links on the page (max link juice passed to your site). All pages cached very frequently by Google and are very authoritative. No blogs. No forums. No spammy links whatsoever. Only the highest quality available.
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    Will do $300 for a PR3 .edu link.
    Instead of being link brokers, you should be comedians!
    Prices like that are outrageous, especially since Google made some very clear statements about the benefits of .edu links.

  3. I don't think you should buy these links Kovich.
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    REAL edu backlinks; NO spam; NO blogs; the real thing; PR0-PR5; many niches; learn more - go buy backlinks.

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