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Description: A brand new site/forum,dedicated to support the fans of technology and computers all around the world.It comes with Online Support and the latest reviews/tutorials to help solve your problem, ofcourse out of charge.

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As i said on the above lines we are a team which is dedicated to computers and technology.The main idea came from the passion of the computers and everything that includes technology(sounds a bit geeky :P ).The team is studying cumputer mechanics and telecomunication systems.

I have to say that the site isn't only for the people who are familiar with computers but also for these people who found a bit difficult to bypass some problems on their own or they don't have much time to learn by themselves.

For the above reasons you can check our Online Support Chat,someone of our technician will be glad to help you to solve any kind of problem you might have on real time.On the other hand you can check our forum for the latest tutorials,guides or just chat with users around the world.

So take a tour and i hope you enjoy your stay.

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