I'm selling signature links on [ame="http://forums.digitalpoint.com/member.php?u=163730"]Digital Point Forums[/ame] and NetBuilders. At DigitalPoint, I'm having 1500 posts at the moment and on NetBuilders I'm having 2681 posts. The posts on NetBuilders are in webmaster-sections only, because General Chat have the count ignored.

The total post count at the time of writing thus is 4181 posts. Links can be bought per forum, but when purchasing one link for both forums you're getting a discount. No adult, gambling, warez links allowed.

1 Month: $15,-
3 Months: $40,-
1 Month: $25,-
3 Months: $70,-
DigitalPoint AND NetBuilders:
1 Month: $35,-
3 Months: $100,-
The payment goes through PayPal. No other payment processors are accepted. Payment has to be made upfront, you can check my iTraders so you know you can trust me

Questions? Ask!

Looking forward to put your link in my signature!