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Thread: sid ad

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    sid ad

    Website Name:Post Factory

    Website Link:

    Longer then 5 days ?: (If so how many?) 9 day total

    Extra note:

    For Pro Members, how do you want your link to be customized ?:

    Post Factory

    something like that

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    Re: sid ad


    Hello Dragoth

    Thank you for using Signature Add, your link will be added in the signature of all staff members on the 4th of June And will be removed on the 13th of June. We hope this service will help a bit to get your site/forum traffic. 18 Denarri has been deduced from your account.

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    Re: sid ad

    Greetings Dragoth it is the 13th of June and now your add will be removed.

    regards and I hope it helped.

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    Re: sid ad

    Okay, Since this one is expired now, I will lock this now!


    ~ iJerick

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