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Thread: Signature On 23 Webmaster Forums | Over 5000 Posts | Good For SEO & Traffic etc.

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    Thumbs up Signature On 23 Webmaster Forums | Over 5000 Posts | Good For SEO & Traffic etc.

    The past few months I got tired of writing articles but I got in love with forum posting. Ofcourse webmaster niches are the only niches that fit my needs so I've signed up to 23 of the best webmaster forums there are (what I think are the best). I'm posting on all forums daily with at least 3 posts daily, so expect at least 75 extra posts (& backlinks) daily

    The price per month is based on the fact that your link won't be added on just one forum, but on many different forums which will definitely help to get more traffic and ofcourse better positions in search engines

    Total post count at the time of writing: 5002 (Please check further in this thread after a number in bold to see the most recent updated amount)

    The price is currently as followed (per link):
    One Month: $70,-
    Three Months: $200,-
    Six Months: $400,-

    Please leave a message via PM or a reply in this thread.
    P.s. the only allowed payment processor is PayPal.
    P.p.s. contact me for special prices (bulk or just because you're a good friend). I don't know if I can give a big discount but eventually I might give a little discount.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Many links are sold, since some forums only allow 2 signatures and some forums are booked I will only sell my remaining signature links on some forums.

    There are 12 forums left, where 2 signature links can still be added. On these forums the total post count is just 270 which makes this a very cheap deal for the first buyers

    One new rule though:
    There is a maximum allowed characters as anchor text of 25. If the link is longer it isn't a big problem but the link should be maximum 45 characters long.

    The price for a link on these 12 forums (per link):
    One Month: $10
    Both Links For One Month: $18

    Please send me a PM, hurry up before both are sold! Next available link is on the 21st of January so after this it will take a long time before you can order again! Look forward hearing from you soon.

    To make this deal go faster, send a private message to me by clicking here.
    You can always add me on MSN too: aquarezz{AT}hotmail{DOT}com

    Best regards,
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I should be looking, currently there is one link available for 75$ that's for sure, but all things should be changed since the post count has raised a lot since this post etc. I'm making a new thread for it, but now you can get it for just 75$ (will become more expensive in the future )

    |Nico Lawsons

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