Signature links for sale
Have you ever wanted to promote your website through forum signatures? While benefiting from the traffic, brand exposure you will also increase your search engine positions because of the links to your website with the anchor text you want. Remember that you'll get a bigger benefit from a deal like this because of the promotion on 20 different forums -- the niche of all forums is webmaster.

Why choose my signature over others
I'm pretty serious when it comes to internet business. I hate people who just post their thread with no information at all, what kind of posts would they actually make on boards? I prefer posting quality content, not only that, but I also have high feedbacks on forums, currently having zero negative feedbacks and over 200 positive ones! With 7780 posts and counting you should actually stop thinking about whether you buy this or not, this deal won't actually last forever!

You can keep buying links. Even if they are sold out, you can reserve your spot (my post count keeps increasing, so buying in advance will save you money!).
The payment can be made by PayPal only, other payment processors aren't accepted yet.

What's the price of this beautiful deal?
As readers read from left to right, the link at the left will cost more than the link at the right. There isn't a big difference in price though as people will click the link if they're interested in it. I am selling four links, but some forums only allow two signature links. I'm going to give a discount for the two remaining links that can't be posted on some forums and will let you know in advance.

If you're convinced that this service is what you're looking for -- and it is -- then here are the super cheap prices for these quality signature links:

  • Link 1:
    One month: 35$ (That's 0,0044$ per link!)
    Three months: 95$ (10$ discount)
    Six months: 190$ (20$ discount)
  • Link 2:
    One month: 33$
    Three months: 89$ (10$ discount)
    Six months: 178$ (20$ discount)
  • Link 3:
    One month: 30$
    Three months: 80$ (10$ discount)
    Six months: 160$ (20$ discount)
  • Link 4:
    One month: 25$
    Three months: 65$ (10$ discount)
    Six months: 130$ (20$ discount)

Please see the latest reply I posted in this thread to see which links have been sold and which aren't. Offers can be made via PM or reply.

Grab it while it's hot!
- Aquarezz