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Thread: Signature space for sale.

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    Signature space for sale.

    Hai mates i am selling my dp signature links

    hai mates
    i have three spots open to hire in my signature space, please let me know if your interested to hire them and also my avatar .

    see i have around 2500 posts with an average of 9.50 posts per day ,I will trying to increase my post count .

    Please PM me know if your interested .

    price per each signature spot - 15$/month
    40$/3 month
    75$/ 6 months
    150$/ 1 year.

    Avatar - 15$/3months

    Thanks for your time

    here is my dp profile link .

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    well, i am decreasing my price from 15$ to 10$/month .
    current offer.
    10$/montly(per link)
    and 30$/ 3 months .

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