Be one of the sponsors of the day on 3 (three) blogs.

This is how it will work.
On one blog, Sponsors of the Day will be at the Start of the blog post (I only post once a day on this blog, thus it will be part of the post).
On the other two blogs, Sponsors of the Day will be a separate blog post that is sticky and stays at the top until the next day (because I post several times a day on each blog, thus a separate sticky post).

They will be permanently on the blog, either in the one blog post per day, or as the separate blog post on the other 2 blogs.

There will only be a maximum of 5 links in the Sponsor of the Day.

To get the blogs, you must PM me!

These are not reviews, paragraphs about your site, and so forth!
These are to be anchor text and url only! (anchor text is a maximum of 5 words).

The one-time cost per link will be $5.99.
This covers the cost of all three (3) blogs.

PM me now.