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Tales Of Community is your Graphics and RPG community. Here we have RPG discussions, such as the "Tales of" series discussions.

The Tales series is a franchise of fantasy console role-playing games published by Namco Bandai Games (formerly Namco), and primarily developed by its subsidiary, Namco Tales Studio. Created in 1995, the series now spans over twelve flagship titles, over fifteen side games, and four animated productions, into several types of game genres. Similar to many Japanese role-playing games in a series, most games or media of the series are unrelated to each other beyond certain elements.

Widely known for its heavy influence by anime and Japanese culture, the series often makes use of popular manga artists or illustrators, and animated cutscenes produced by Production I.G. Popular music composer Motoi Sakuraba has composed for many titles of the series, with other well-known composers such as Go Shiina having composed for at least one title of the series. Nine entries have been localized for North America and just five for Europe. As of December 2007, the series has sold over ten million copies.


People can discuss its Anime & Manga, Video Game, Fan Works (such as Fan Art, Fan Fiction, etc) and so on... As mentioned above this is a Graphics community too! If you're a Graphic artist, this is the place for you. People can submit their Graphics work, and get Suggestions, Comments, Ratings and Constructive Criticisms. People can give away their Graphics to other people, as well. Why not come and join us? We would be more than happy to welcome you to welcome you to the Tales Of Community! Feel free to follow us on Twitter ( as well! Username on Board: