Thought For Food (TFF) is a new forum community created by a man who was tired of all the message boards that basically say to their members "We allow people to speak their mind... As long as we agree with what you say."

TFF is a Discussion and Debate forum based soley on free speech and ideas. Moderators cannot limit what you say to others(as long as it's legal of course.) and they also cannot control or limit what people may say back to you. You deal with critisism and insults. Not the staff...

This forum is not meant as a big trolling and flame arena for 10 year olds who can't keep from saying the F word every three words, so special steps are also taken to ensure an actual discussion or debate is actually occuring.

You may share songs you love, discuss games, post poetry, stories, novels... Whatever. But be prepared to receive unaltered, unlimited, and (lol) uncensored opinions from members of our community. WARNING: Plagiarism is not tolerated, and should you be caught, you will receive a permanent ban on the first and last offence.

New features include:


Quick Reply spaces

MyBB 1.4.3

Custom Forum Style

Forum Cash Feature

Reputation Feature

And much more!

Come join now!