Okay I'll just keep this in the one thread to keep the forum clean.

I've got two niches I want to sell in - health and travel.

In Health I have 21 separate sites. All of them are Page rank 3. All of them are separately hosted - every one of them is on a different IP. Prices are $15 for a permanent blog post, and $35/yr for a blogroll.

In Travel I have seven pr4's and four pr3's. pr3 are priced as above. Pr4 are $20/permanent post and $50/yr blogroll. Again, they are all hosted separately - different IP's for every one.

In order to save both my time and yours, I'll try and give as much info as I can here. For url's you will need to pm me.

In blog posts I will only link out once - this is non-negotiable. I don't know who started the trend of 3 links per paid post, but it looks spammy as hell. You can choose the anchor text but its one link only. This way benefits us both - my sites don't get burnt for selling links and your site looks like its picking up natural links.

I will only link out to on-topic stuff, so please don't bother asking me to link to anything unrelated as the answer is no.

In the health niche - I won't link to unlicensed pharmacies. I don't think I can make that clear enough, but any other forum we try and sell on we get pm's regarding that anyway. If your business would not be legal to run from UK we won't link to you, its that simple. And that of course includes selling those little blue tablets without a doctors prescription

All posts will be native English written and will have appropriate images added etc - they will look like legit content that just happens to have a nice link in it.

If you want a couple of links then the price is not negotiable. Don't waste my time or yours by asking. If you want $200+ of links then there can be some negotiations. Anything less than that is full price, or no sale.

If you want to see my url list, send me the url of the site you want to advertise. Without seeing your url, you don't see the list. Again, no exceptions.

Sorry if this seems strict but we've tried selling on DP and frankly without being strict its simply not worth the hassle. I've had enough of having to sort through replies offering $2 per blogpost (that I need to write) etc. At least if we set out what we will/won't do in the post then nobodies time is wasted. If this fits with you, then great I'm sure we can sell you some quality links. If not, then good luck with your link building and just try the next thread.

Payments by Paypal only. Since this is my 2nd post here, I will send a payment invoice after the links are placed. I'm in Europe and my writer is in USA so assume blog posts will take 24hrs to go live with the timezone differences. Blogrolls will be immediate if I am online.