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Thread: UNLIMITED Blog Posts

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    UNLIMITED Blog Posts


    I'm looking for UNLIMITED Blog Reviews / Blog Posts from blogs related to:


    I need posts/reviews that you will write, with a minimum of 100 words and 1/2/3 links to my website(s). (I will send you by pm the links and anchors.)

    Here is what I will pay (NO EXCEPTIONS)

    • PR0 - 3$ (blog must be indexed)
    • PR1 - 5$
    • PR2 - 7$
    • PR3 - 9$
    • PR4 - 12$
    • PR5 - 15$
    • PR6 - 20$
    • PR7 - 40$
    • PR8+ - I wish you had one...

    I will be happy if you add a small image to my site(s) too.

    Payments will be done via Paypal or Moneybookers as soon as the post is made. (my time is GMT and unlike Will I sleep sometimes... )
    I won't make any payments upfront, if you don't trust me, well, you should...

    PM ME with your Blog's URL & PR and let me know how many different posts you can make.

    Let me know also your preferred payment method.

    You cannot post your blog URL here.

    NOTE - If you think this offer is not OK for you , please don't post here because this is what I am offering and if you don't accept, just move on.

    N.B: I am not interested in Blog Networks

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    job done. excellent buyer. thanks shenron.

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    I need more blog posts, a lot more, please PM me with your offers!

  4. Posts completed. Cheers for the opportunity.

  5. I'm interesting... I'll send you PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by chikobento View Post
    I'm interesting... I'll send you PM
    I'm interested in English sites only.

  7. I have send you two blogs . I forgot to mention the payment method. I accept PayPal . I am not sure whether you accept free blogs or not. I am okay with your price. Please let me know your views.

  8. Are you accepting blog posts from free blogsites?

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    Feel free to send me whatever, I'll reply back if I'm interested.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    Feel free to send me whatever, I'll reply back if I'm interested.
    Hi Shenron I just send you PM

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