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Thread: Very High PR .edu .gov & Fresh Dofollow Lists w/ Updates

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    Very High PR .edu .gov & Fresh Dofollow Lists w/ Updates

    Hello all. Following on from my succesful thread Fresh dofollow blogs on Your niche and it's success and great reviews by people. I am now offering something slightly different. I have many Mixed High PR .gov & .edu links that are either "Nofollow Free" or have "CommentLuv" or "KeywordLuv" enabled to give away at very low prices as follows.

    £1 each or purchase the whole package for only £5.

    • 50 .gov Links - £1
    • 2500+ .edu Links - £1
    • 139 PR4 Links - £1
    • 170+ PR5 Links - £1
    • 171 PR7 Links - £1
    • 62 PR8 Links - £1
    • 220+ PR6 Links - £1
    • 16 PR9 Links - £1
    • 250+ Dofollow Forums - £1
    • 1000+ (mixed niche & PR) Dofollow Blogs £2

    Just to mention. Many of these are homepage links where the PR is high and not internal pages/posts to comment on. It is up to you to signup if needed to each site and create these yourself where possible. Ensuring your link is indexed on each. Some allow you to signup an account and profile and comment on posts such as news sites etc and some may allow you to post articles and such. Updated because one of my buyers wasn't clear. These sites are filtered so you can join them somehow and leave your "mark", so to speak.

    Bonus Link
    • 40+ Special Fast Indexing Links £1

    Get your site indexed fast! Great for new sites. Good for old domains too. This is a list of links that will get your website indexed on the internet very fast. This is a collection of Whois Record / Site Profile / Meta Background / Traffic Rank / Internet Traffic / Server Stats / Referral and Search Analytics / Internet Archive / Wayback Machine / Info and Bookmark sites etc. Very useful when to use when launching a brand new site. Even older sites can benefit from it. Provided as an .HTML file so you can edit it and put your URL. Here's an example link:[DOMAIN] (Just replace [DOMAIN] with your actual domain link). There are about 40 of these. Instructions included that show how to easily do this.

    Payment: For individually send payment to depending on what you want. I will then email you them to your email address unless you specify to me by PM or as a note when you pay on Paypal a differnt address to send them. Alternatively you can pay and download immediately with Paypal automatically without waiting for me to send you the list if you prefer. Considering how I am charging £5 for 1000 "niche refined" dofollow blogs in my other post here. £2 is a bargain for 1000 FRESH dofollow blogs when others charge much more. Purchase individually or purchase the whole package now for just £5.

    Updates: If you're not happy with your purchase. Please let me know why a valid reason and I will provide you with 1000 freshly scraped dofollow blogs on any niche you want. Simply email me a few keywords and I'll send you the lists. Although, you should be kept quite busy with these for a while anyway.

    I have had nice reviews and itraders left from people who have purchased my other dofollow links filtered by niche. I hope to do the same for you with these mixed links filtered by PR that are very powerful for your site when you have left comments on many of them with your sites link left as we all know.

    You probably wont need to purchase any more for a while anyway. (y) Any questions, please ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bozonessinc View Post
    Review Copies?
    I'm wondering if there are any threads where you haven't posted this question

    For this cheap price, you can't go wrong IMO, I've bookmarked it and once all forum posts are read I'll send the money. Great deal!
    |Nico Lawsons

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