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Thread: A visible, boxed link with description on all content pages

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  1. A visible, boxed link with description on all content pages


    I'd like to offer you a spot where you can put a link with description in a nice colored box below all articles, blog posts and forum topics (over 2000 of them). The site is Nuxified dot org, a tech site mostly about Linux and other free open source operating systems and software. It's PR3 and some of these pages your link would be on are also PR3.

    It gets on average 8000 unique visitors a month according to the current (typically conservative) data (which includes the current month so that lowers the average since the current month is ongoing) and 11300 page loads on average. Last month it had 12,413 unique visitors and 16,295 page loads. In any case you can expect over 10 000 impressions of your link box.

    Here's a screenshot to visualize what you're getting:

    The highlighted part demonstrates how your link might look like. You come up with a short sentence, preferably not longer than the one in the screenshot and choose which of the words in the sentence you'd like to link.

    Also the ad should preferably be for a tech site and ideally Linux related, but even if not if you're interested just let me know.

    Here is the stats screenshot:

    Traffic spikes above are a result of articles being published through various other sites. I intend to do more of them each month so the traffic should be increasing.

    The price is $20 a month BUT with discounts for multiple months in advance. This is basically $2.5 CPM. This is an exclusive spot so you share it with nobody.

    Here are the discounted prices for multiple months in advance:

    3 months: $50
    6 months: $90
    12 months: $120 (best buy, amounts to $10/month)

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