Hello NB Friends,

Here i want to sell Text and banner links on my directory network. so keep reading if you want to buy lot of links in very low price.

About directories :: I am going to start 30+ directories, i am professional in directory submission service and have 4 people staff so now i am decided to start a own directory network so i will can provide guaranteed directory submission service too.

  • We will be manage our directory manually and try to manage our directory quality.
  • we will not accept any adult, gambling poker etc. etc. type links to manage our directory quality.
  • All network will be share on more then 7 different IPs.
  • we will be do seo to well index in google.
  • will be announce directory to lot of place and webmaster forums to gain lot of submissions daily.
  • will not sale more then 5 links and 1-2 my own links.
  • i am taking guarantee of 5k+ index page in google from my network before 30th Nov.

Price and Offer Details ::

I want to sale text side wide link and one 468*60 banner on submit page.

I am now calling you all for offer

::For side wide text link ::
Bid :: 30$ Each link
BIN :: 50$ Each link
(you link will be in sidebar and stands on all pages until 31st Dec 2009 {approx. 2 months})

::For 468*60 banner ::
Bid :: 20$ Each link
BIN :: 35$ Each link
(you banner will be in submit page and stands on only one page per dir. until 31st Dec 2009 {approx. 2 months})

So Friends start posting your offer, my network will be live before 1st Nov. and i will close this offer on 29th Oct.,
I am looking for long term Business.