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Thread: We pay $0.30 for each backlink to our website

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    We pay $0.30 for each backlink to our website

    We pay $0.30 for each backlink to our website, here is the project details:

    Acoolme: Project Details

    Please let us know where are you going to post our link at first,once we approved your request, then go ahead to finish the job.


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    Hello mate,
    Do you wanna exchange links, that's reciprocal links...
    Plz do contact me if you are ready to exchange links with us..
    vickifashionwillian [at] yahoo (do) c o m

    Here are our sites' features,
    1. All articles of our blogs are written by our editors. The articles are with high quality, and you may have a look.
    2. Niches of fashion, watch, clothing, shoes, shopping, etc.,
    3. Obl is very low, <10, some are with no obl..
    4. Pr: with relatively low prs(pr2,1,0), but we are carefully fostering our sites.

    If you got such realted niches, we can exchange our links! One-way, or 4-way is accepted!
    If you sites are with high prs, we may offer you two or more links for one of your links.
    The most important point is that,
    your sites should be high quality and with relatively low OBL.
    and your sites should not be dropped down by google.

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    Hello I'm interested
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    Since the OP posted this and has yet to come back and update or answer anyone, I would say this thread is dead!
    So forget it.
    Besides, no damn way I would sell permanent backlinks for 30 cents!

    And if you do?
    Your site is not one where I would want to advertise!

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