Hello everyone,

we are pleased to announce the opening of this new service called: (Signature Ad) Thank you for reading this topic. Some things you will read further is very important about this service, including template.

What you get is this in each staff's signature:

Community Forums

this service will cost you 10 Denarri, and will be deduced from your account when your request is marked (Completed)

You can customize the look if you are a Pro Member:

Community Forums

Community Forums

Community Forums

Community Forums

And so on ... The maximum time you can have a link in the sig of us is 1 week and 2 days. Standard your link will stay in our sig for 5 days for 10 Denarri like mentioned above. If you want it to be more then 5 days each day costs 2 Denarri.

Please create a new topic in fill in the template that appears or copy paste the template from this topic:

Website Name:

Website Link:

Longer then 5 days ?: (If so how many?)

Extra note:

For Pro Members, how do you want your link to be shown ?:

Good luck and thanks for using this service. After your request you need to wait 2 weeks=14 days to request again.