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Thread: "WordPress Websites Secrets" for your NB Sig Link

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    Arrow "WordPress Websites Secrets" for your NB Sig Link

    I would like to trade this ebook: "WordPress Websites Secrets", with Master Resale Rights, for 1 month usage of your NB sig link.

    Some details of this ebook:

    Learn Why So Many Marketers Are Secretly Using Blogs To Create Easy "Make In A Day" Static Websites

    What you'll learn from this ebook:

    - The beauty of one-click widgets

    - Where to find free WordPress Themes

    - How easy WordPress is, when you use it as a Content Management System

    - WordPress shortcuts – that make it even easier!

    - How to find and install plugins, widgets and themes

    - How to customize your settings for maximum optimization

    - And most importantly, for your purpose - How to remove components that make it look like a blog

    - Discover just how easy it is to perform the most complex functions with WordPress as a Content Management System!

    - Easily achieve the professional, balanced “look” of a custom-designed site – at virtually zero cost!

    Reply here if you are interested in this trade, thanks!

    Thanks for looking!
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