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Thread: WTS PR6 Blog Links

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    WTS PR6 Blog Links

    PR6 blog, travel, web design, seo, languages, and general

    $40 per month for sidebar, or $45 for 200 word post.

    PM me if you're interested. Genuine enquiries only please.

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    Can I get the URL please?
    Also, how many links can we have on a blog post?
    Can you let me know if there are any discounts for bulk purchases?

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    I'd prefer to be discrete about the URL, but I'll PM you.

    Discounts for bulk, yup, I don't see why not, but you'll need to make an offer after you've seen the site.

    As for links in a post, I prefer to keep this to a reasonable number AND they must fit with the overall content of the post. I'm not a big fan of writing posts that are filled with links just for SEO purposes, the post must read well too.

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    PMme the URL as well...
    Cabins Renta
    New & Free widget is ready !
    7 methods to create free PVAs at

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    PM please, waiting.

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    please PM me the url details

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    Any discount if I write the post? Thanks!
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

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    Will these links be dofollow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    Will these links be dofollow?
    All links will be dofollow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixke View Post
    Any discount if I write the post? Thanks!
    Perhaps, but the writing style needs to be similar to my own, otherwise I'll have to rewrite it anyway. PM me with your thoughts.

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