I have 60 + sites on many different IP's some of my site are on Dedicated IP's.

Site range from PR0 - PR5 post range from PR0 - PR4

Here is what you will be getting your anchor word/s used in context in a post somewhere on something I own.

Only 1 anchor word will be used per a single post.

It will be live til the end of this year. Yep till Dec. 31 2010.

Your very small investment for this will be 400 NB or $2.79 paypal.

This price is for 1 word or a group of words that I might of used in a article
on my sites somewhere in one post not through out the site.

Please PM me your words and I will see if I used it in one of my posts somewhere.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask I'll be happy to answer them.

If you do not understand what a grab bag means this is not for you.

Don't delay on this offer. It will run this for a short time only.

Thanks in advance


This offer is not good for hate, adult, warez, gambling or anything I don't like.